County Election Schedule


Montgomery County Municipal Elections

Town of Barnesville

Pop 177. 3 Commissions elected in May of odd years

Town of Brookville

Pop 137.  May of each year, 3 commissioners

Chevy Chase View

Pop 920, May of each year, 5 council members, 2 year term

Town of Chevy Chase

1st Tuesday in May each year, 5 Council members

Friendship Heights Village Council

Pop 4512, 2nd Monday in May on odd years.

City of Gaithersburg

Pop 60,000, 1st Tuesday in November, odd years, Mayor & 2 Council members

Glen Echo

Pop 262, May of odd years.

Garrett Park

Pop 990, 1st Monday in May, Mayor and 5 Council members, 2 year terms


Pop 2213, June, annually, Mayor, 4 Council members, 2 years


Pop 362, 1st Mon in May annually, Mayor, 4 council members

Village of Martins’ Additions

Pop 982, annually in Spring, 5 Council members


Pop 5091, even years, 5 unpaid commissioners


Pop 66,000, odd years, Mayor and 4 council members

Takoma Park

Pop 17,600, Nov odd years, Mayor & 6 Council members

Washington Grove

Pop 573, annual elections, May, Mayor & 6 Councilors