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The Montgomery County Green Party is a political party that runs candidates for local, state, and federal electoral office. During off years it also presents testimony at County Council, participates in demonstrations such as the national climate and #NoBanNoWall marches, and issues policy and budget recommendations to promote a just, sustainable, and prosperous society for all.

Chair – Mary Rooker, Takoma Park, MD

Treasurer – Tim Willard, Kensington, MD

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Twitter: @mocogreens

Facebook: Montgomery County MD Green Party

email: mocogreens@gmail.com

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In 2022, five candidates ran for office from Montgomery County:

  • Nancy Wallace ran for Governor with running mate Pat Elder
  • Dan Robinson, for County Council At Large
  • Jon Foreman, for House of Delegates Dist. 18
  • David Jeang, for State Senate Dist. 19
  • Moshe Landman, for State Senate Dist. 39

In 2014, three candidates ran for office from Montgomery County:

  • Tim Willard, for County Council At Large
  • Dan Robinson, for Maryland House of Delegates from Takoma Park, District 20
  • George Gluck, for US House of Representatives, 6th District (western Montgomery County and western Maryland)


  • Spring 2013: published a list of 10 recommendations for re-orienting the county budget to true sustainability
  • Spring 2013: due to the increasing urgency of climate change, the party decided to meet several weeks a month and increase the infrastructure and public outreach
  • 2010 and 2012, George Gluck ran for US House of Representatives in District 8
  • 2010, provided support for the state Maryland Green Party, which filed suit successfully against the Maryland State Board of Elections for undue dismissal of valid certified petition signatures to retain registered party status. Montgomery County was a major source of the signatures keeping the Green Party as a registered party.
  • 2008, George Gluck ran for County Council
  • 2002, Linda Schade ran for Maryland House of Delegates from Takoma Park, District 20, earning 35% of the vote and mobilizing 1,000 grassroots volunteers

We held a regular movie/documentary series for many years.

National Green Party

 The Green Party of the United States began as the Association of State Green Parties. The ASGP was formed after the 1996 elections to fill a void in national Green politics and to help existing state parties develop.

Jill Stein won the MD Green Party primary in May 2024 and will likely win the nomination nationwide in August.

Howie Hawkins was nominated for President in 2020.

Jill Stein was nominated for President and Ajamu Baraka for Vice President in 2016.

Jill Stein was nominated for President and Cheri Honkala for Vice President in Baltimore in July of 2012. They received 5 million votes.

In July, 2008, in Chicago, we nominated Cynthia McKinney for President and Rosa Clemente for Vice President.

In 2004, our Presidential campaign ticket was David Cobb and Pat LaMarche. The 2004 Green National Convention was in Milwaukee, WI.

In 2000, our Presidential campaign ticket was Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke.