Yesterday, the Montgomery Green Party testified in favor of a $15 minimum wage to the County Council.

We support policies that empower the poorest workers in our county to ensure that no one lives and works in poverty.

“This is a step forward to the day when the poorest members of our community can live their lives to the fullest and with security just as our most wealthy members already do” said Justin Schoville, representing the party.

“However” he said, “we want to emphasize that this is not enough for the Greens.”

The Green Party advocates for a living wage, not just a minimum wage, as well as a guaranteed job and a universal basic income for all.  These policies are necessary to respond to the precariousness and insecurity that are a feature of the present economy.

While the Montgomery Green Party supports this bill, it is only a first step toward true economic justice for the poorest workers in Montgomery County.

Click on the player below to view our testimony, or watch here (Starts at 1:17:17) or read and download it here.

There is an increase in special days available for electronic equipment drop-off.

Evening Public Hearing - Bill 28-17, Human Rights and Civil Liberties - County Minimum Wage - Amount - Annual Adjustment