Run for Office as a Green

We welcome anyone who is registered Green in Montgomery County to consider running for office.

If you are interested please contact us at

For State-wide or Federal Races please, you will be in a Maryland Green Party primary. For more information  inquire with the Maryland Green Party 

All candidates seeking the nomination of the Montgomery County  Green Party must:

  1. File a Declaration of Intent with the Maryland State Board of Elections, as required by state law. The deadline for filing the Declaration of Intent to participate in the party primary is July 5, 2022. Candidates must have a Green Party voter affiliation at the time of the filing of the Declaration of Intent.

  2. Attend a business meeting of the Montgomery County Green Party to introduce yourself and discuss the policies you will run on.  If you are not running for statewide or federal office, you can win the local nomination by getting the approval at our monthly meetings.  However all certificates of nomination will be signed by state party officers.   
  3. Candidates must be familiar with and agree with Green Party’s 10 Key Values and be prepared to discuss how they will implement these values in their campaign. Candidates should also plan to answer additional questions on policy, values, campaigning, and other topics
  4. Per the state party rules,  Maryland Green Party Coordinating Committee is the ultimate body that forwards the final Certificate of Nomination of candidates who will appear in the General Election to the Board of Elections, and under circumstances when evidence exists of egregious violations of Key Values by a prospective candidate, may choose not to forward a Certificate for that candidate. 

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