Look at Our 2022 Candidates!

State Senate District 19 David Jeang

State Senate District 39 Moshe Landman

Candidate for Lt. Governor Pat Elder

Maryland Green Party 2022 Primary &
Officer Election Results

Nancy Wallace will be the Maryland Green Party’s candidate for Governor, along with Lieutenant Governor running mate Pat Elder. They won the MD Green Party primary July 13-July 20.

We welcome the MD Green Party’s 2022-23 officers:

Chair: Charlotte McBrearty
Recording Secretary: Mary Rooker
Treasurer: Tim Willard
Membership Coordinator: Justin Sindall
Delegates: Mary Rooker, Devonie Doles, Renaud Brown
Alternate Delegates: Nancy Wallace, Charlotte McBrearty, Justin Sindall

Thanks to everyone who voted. Stay tuned for exciting events we have planned this year. There has never been a better time to build a party for the people and the planet. Join us!

Monthly Meetings

We meet on second Thursdays at 7:00 PM on Zoom.

All are welcome for our monthly meetings! Come and get all the latest news.

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